Stick to these 3 recommendations to bomb your driver off the tee

These guidelines will enable you bomb it off the tee.

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Bombing your driver nevertheless remains one particular of the most impressive expertise on the golf study course. When a golfer can maximize their club speed sufficient to gain an supplemental 20 or 30 yards off the tee, it can mean the difference concerning a par or a bogey.

Regretably, not everyone has the capacity to tee it large, enable it fly, and see the effects they are wanting for. But Golfing Best 100 Trainer Martin Chuck wishes to enable improve that, and he provides his tips to bombing your driver in the online video underneath.

How to bomb your driver

1. Get the ball ahead in just your stance

To get some additional length with your driver, Chuck emphasizes the setup, displaying how the ball is aligned with his front foot.

“Watch wherever this ball locale is. It is the most ahead in just my stance … be mindful not to get it much too considerably ahead, simply because, if it’s also much ahead, you’ll hit down and across it.”

2. Target on your pre-shot footwork

As golfers set by themselves up above the ball, keep in mind to waggle back again and forth, concentrating on your footwork.

“As I hit a shot right here, detect as I’m waggling, finding all set to go, I’m not standing idle. I have got footwork, and the party that can help me get my swing up to pace in the backswing is this thrust into the floor, that aids flip my hips to sling a golfing club up with an athletic speed.”

3. Keep in mind to remain athletic

1 of the frequent difficulties that Chuck sees with some of his students is a lack of athleticism. He particularly highlights how players simply keep their head down and carry back the driver without the need of appropriately using their footwork. This might assist strike the ball, but it will not assistance bomb your driver.

“For you to bomb it, get the club and the ball established in the appropriate spot, truly feel this footwork, let’s press, let us make some sling and some length in that backswing, so you can react and genuinely smash your driver.”

As Chuck demonstrates in the online video earlier mentioned, in get to bomb your driver, golfers will have to make use of their footwork to start with, then correctly transfer their body weight from again to entrance. This will develop the “sling” he mentions, enabling for more club velocity and a lot more size off the tee.

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